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October 06, 2009


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I love, love, love the blue and brown together! I used to hate brown, but when I see it with my favorite colors (blue and pink) it's pretty hard to hate. What fun pics from camp! What a great time...I can't believe it went by so quickly.


I gave up on the notion of doing it all a LONG time ago. I just do what I need to do... and then with the time I have left, I do want I want to do. The stuff that others might think of as necessity, I just leave undone. Like dusting and vacuuming and such. LOL

I like the LOs you've posted on LOAD so far. I hope you find time to fit a bit more of what you love into your days. Like scrapping! :)


I don't know how they do it all either. My stuff is still unpacked and not put away. PLUS, I haven't done any posts yet. Great projects!

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