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December 31, 2009


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Brenda Benjamin

Sorry Shawn, but I'm extremely skeptical at this point. You emailed me every single day right up until I paid you, and then suddenly you can't email me anymore, seems more than a little suspect. I work at a technology company that specializes in web and email access, and I haven't had a single other person tell me that can't email me, I get close to 100 emails a day with all kinds of attachments. You waited to contact me until the very last minute of the very last day before I would get a PayPal refund, which I think was really shitty. I'm not interested in working with you any more. I am pursuing my refund through PayPal.


Hi Brenda, this is Shawn from Eclectic Whimsy. I've been trying to email from both my eclectic whimsy address and hotmail and I'm not getting the emails back as undelivered but obviously they're not making it through to you. I've tried sending a gallery of items through ACDsee and also a draft of the banner for your blog but from your emails I'm assuming you haven't gotten any of them. If you have another email address I can try or I can post a link to the draft preview here but that would give your readers a preview of the blog before it's installed. Please let me know if you get this. I tried finding you on facebook to try send the links privately that way but couldn't find you through there and don't have a phone # on the questionnaire you filled out. Please let me know.


I still check here every day...I just know there is something fabulous coming!

Jana D

Your pictures are great. 2009 certainly was a good year for you. Here's wishing 2010 is just as good to you.



This really was a BIG year for you -- so obvious in just 12 pics!

I LOVE that the Corn Palace made the cut. What a delightful memory :)


It sure was fun to go through 2009 so quickly and reminisce! Looks like your year was just as full and rich as ours!

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